Sport FAQs

1. How do I place a bet in your website Sportsbook?
  • With the unique features that we have introduce to aid you in your betting, you will find betting with us is an effortless task. Firstly sign in to your account, deposit funds into it, and do a Transfer of funds from Casino to Sportsbook
  • Then click on the Sportsbook tab, and you will be auto login to the Sportsbook page
2. What are the sports events that I can bet on?

Our Sportsbook offers a wide range of sports events for you to bet on. While we strive to provide and extensive coverage of all possible sports events, it should be noted that not all events will be available for betting at any point of time.

3. What are the basic betting markets that I can bet on?
Our Sportsbook offers the following list of sports betting markets in sports.
  • 1X2
  • Asian Handicap
  • Correct Score
  • Double Chance
  • First To Start
  • First Goal/Last Goal
  • First Half 1X2
  • First Half Handicap
  • First Half Odd/Even
  • First Half Over/Under
  • Half Time/Full Time
  • Mix Parlay
  • Money Line/Head To Head
  • Odd/Even
  • Outright
  • Over/Under
  • Period Betting
  • Total Goal
4. What is Asian Handicap?

Originating from Asia, Asian Handicap betting ups the thrill and excitement of conventional fixed odds betting by eliminating the possibility of the draw outcome. Asian Handicap is a form of betting that creates a more level betting environment between two mismatched competing teams by giving a “handicap” (expressed in goals or points) to the teams before kick-off. In Asian Handicap, a goal deficit is given to the team more likely to win (i.e. the Favourite) and a head start is given to the team less favoured to win (i.e. the Underdog)

5. How do I change the type of odds used?

You can change the type of odds used in the odds display page for betting markets by just selecting your preferred odds. We provide HK, Indo and Malay odds.

6. What is Live Betting?

Live betting is an exciting form of wagering that allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time when you are browsing the odds on our website. Odds prices are dynamic with live betting and change in accordance to the course of the actual event, offering doubly the excitement as you get to monitor the event as it plays and at the same time, place bets.

7. Where can I find statistics of an event?
  • For your benefit, our website provides statistical information on events as references during betting. This service however, may not be available for all events that are opened at any point of time. If statistical information is available for a particular event, click on the chart icon located on either the extreme left or right of the odds display page to view the information. If there is no information available for an event, the chart icon will be faded out and you will not be able to click on it.
  • It is important to note that the match statistics are provided for reference use only and should not be relied purely upon for betting purposes.
8. Can I cancel a bet after it has been confirmed?
  • No, you are not allowed to cancel a bet once it has been accepted.
  • Each time you place a bet, you will be prompted to check and confirm the bet before it is processed. At the point of time, you can always click Cancel to abolish the bet. However, once you have acknowledged and confirmed the bet by clicking on OK, your bet is accepted and can no longer be cancelled.
9. How do I know if an event is Live?

Sports events offering live betting are marked by a “Live” tag in the sports menu and Live events are separated by None Live Events.

10. How do I know if my live bet has been accepted?

When placing a bet on live events, your bet is not accepted immediately once you confirm the bet. Instead, there is a slight delay during the processing of your live bet where the status of your bet is kept as “waiting” until confirmed. To check if your live bet has been accepted, click on the Bet List to open up your bet lists. Bets that hae been accepted by our sportsbook site are tagged as “Running”, while bets that pare pending acceptance are tagged as “Waiting” under the status column.

11. Where can I view my pending and running bets?

You can with all pending and running bets by clicking on the Stake Placed button, it will open a window to display all pending and running bets.

12. Where can I view my statements?

You can view all statements by clicking on the Statement button.

13. Why was my bet void?
Your bet may be void due to one or more of the following reasons.
  • Event was cancelled prior to commencement
  • Changes in the event venue
  • Bets were made after the scheduled game has started (except for live betting)
  • Incorrect information (e.g. participant or member of participating team or odds/price) was quote for event
  • Incorrect information was utilized to compile odds
  • Bets were accepted by our sportsbook system in error